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When I get a mom to appear in a portrait with her kids, I absolutely LOVE it.  Before recently, it actually didn’t happen much, because I really didn’t push the issue during sessions.  Until now.  I am guilty 100% of not wanting my picture taken……but man, do I love it when I get a great picture with my kids.  I treasure it no matter the quality, situation, or how we look.  I owe it to my kids to make sure I document how I look with them as they are growing up!  AND SO DO YOU!  :D   So why not get dolled up for your session and make sure you jump on in.  Don’t make me force you…..!

Anyhow….I decided to do a contest for Mother’s Day.  All I have to say is that Moms rock.  Power to the Mama.  The world would crumble without Moms…..and one deserving mother pictured below will win a fabulous prize this Mother’s Day.

Here are 11 portraits from the last bit of some of my clients with their child(ren).  I went through and chose some of my favorite portraits with moms and I came up with these.  Aren’t they all amazingly beautiful?  Every mom will get an 8×10 print of their portrait for just being in the contest.  This contest will take place on Facebook; all of the photos below are in an album labeled “Mother’s Day Contest”.

The “Mother” portrait with the most likes by noon on Mother’s Day will win a 16×20 Gallery Wrap Canvas of that portrait! So what are you waiting for?!  Go on over and hit that like button……..I am pretty positive all 11 moms will appreciate it!  You can vote for more than 1 photo, by the way…..


And now….without further ado……… some of my gorgeous clients.  Who are amazing mothers.   Go VOTE!  ((You can either click on the photos you love and it will take you to their facebook image that you will vote on, or you can click HERE to see the album.))


the skinny: Don’t cheat.  I’m not sure how one would cheat with a contest like this, but I’m sure there is a way and I would love it if that didn’t happen.  :-)   The contest will end at exactly Noon on Sunday, May 8th, East Coast time.  The photo in the “Mother’s Day Contest 2011″ album on ACP’s facebook page with the most ‘likes’ will win a 16×20 Canvas wrap of THAT photo.  We will take screen captures of each photo with the amount of likes right at noon so we have proof of exactly how many likes each photo has. The winner will be announced that afternoon via ACP’s facebook page. To like a photo in any of ACP’s albums, you have to be a Liker….(or like us.).  For your like vote to count, you must still be a Liker of ACP through the end of the contest.  Wow.  Is “Liker” a real word??  Anyways. If you don’t like ACP, then your vote doesn’t count.  All 11 mamas will get an 8×10 of their photo in the contest just for being in the contest. If there happens to be a tie, then MY mom will pick the winner out of the portraits that tied.  You can vote for more than one portrait.  Shoot, you could like them all if you wanted to.