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We welcome to our family little Maximilian Fernando; he was born July 1st….he has kept me rather busy before and after birth! :-) I had so many sessions in May and June that I never blogged, so I will start posting those in the near future.

I just started back to work this week and am booked until the middle of August….so if you know you’d like a session in August or September, contact me soon so we can get you on the books. I will also be in the Portland Oregon area in August; I have some time to do a couple mini sessions for those who have expressed interest before. Again, email me for details!

And of course, I couldn’t announce a new little baby in MY household and not include photos of the little pumpkin!

Max was squawking one afternoon, so my husband picked him up and laid down on the couch with him……he instantly fell back asleep.

I have yet to get a shot of all three of my kidlets together, so this one will have to do for now.  I may attempt the threesome shot this weekend….

My sweet Sofie is finally starting to pose for me….kind of.  As any mom out there knows, your own kids are the hardest to photograph because you are doing it all.  the.  time.  and they get wise to you.  Am I right?  Or am I right?!  My kids aren’t the exception!  That’s why it’s always the best bet to hire someone, (like me!) to get great photos of your kids.  Shoot….I am about to hire a photographer friend of mine to come and take great photos of my kids…

This one is of my little Leo…..he is quite the little man!