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This little slice of heaven was a gem…..she was so teeny tiny and so sweet, I just wanted to eat her up! (<-- that is a common southern saying, I have learned. Sometimes you even add, "eat her up with a spoon".....ha!) I have been photographing big bro since he was 1 years old, so it was fun to see him react to his new sister.....he is very loving. :)

This little man is possibly the smartest 5 year old I have ever met. He is so quick and has a huge vocabulary! He totally called me out on the fact that spiders can not possibly live in one’s camera lens….! (a tactic I use to get kiddos to look at my lens!)

We were talking about his family’s recent beach vacation and I was telling him about crabs and how delicious they are and we started “making up” crab dishes. I felt bad because I am sure he requested orange crab sauce to go on his Chik-fil-a nugs for lunch that day!

At any rate; he was a doll and his entire gallery came out gorgeous… was truly hard to only pick a couple of faves…but here they are. :-) His mom promised when he becomes a rock star, they would always remember his first professional photo shoot. :-)