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This past fall was a crazy busy time for me, and it was full of sessions that were mainly for families to include photos that I took of them in their Christmas cards, so I didn’t really want to share and spoil the surprise! Here is one family; they were so great! The girls took about 3 seconds to loosen up in front of the lens; they were naturals! I suspect there is interest in the modeling field? :-) (as there should be!) We lucked out and hit a fabulous weekend of color in downtown Atlanta….! It was a great session….enjoy the pictures!

This little baby made her grand entrance right before Christmas; her older sister is absolutely and totally in love with her and I feel like I captured that in this first photo. She couldn’t keep her hands off her and was calling the baby “hers” the whole time… was so sweet! They are sweet and beautiful sisters that take after their mama!